Browse Day: July 27, 2017

Men's clothing

Men’s Latest Fashion Styles & Trends in Clothing

With a steady trickle of new-ins and outs, it can be challenging for both your wallet and wardrobe to be always playing catch ups on the most recent collections. Additionally, not all that we see on celebrities and runways is a smart thought. However, there are few trends that never go out of style and there are some new ones that you can style up this season to maximise the wears of last year’s speculations and will separate you from the pack.

Retro Sportswear

Sportswear has been one of the biggest risers in menswear over the past couple of seasons. Last season retro take on athleisure was a 1980s affair, but for this season expect brand and retailers to go even further back in the 1970s. Like most staples, pieces in subdued colours will last the course. That’s not to say that you need to buy more stuff, you can use the staple pieces in subdued colours from the last year. Just match two piece tracksuits, zip-up nylon jumpers and drawstring trousers, as well as burnt orange or tobacco brown prints in luxury fabrics with careful attention to details.


Checks have been a consistent piece of every male closet for centuries. Although buying a tartan shirt or checked blazer would be a sound speculation, yet this season you can find checks on everything from knitwear and T-shirts to mens casual pants and bomber jackets. Thus, if you went big last season in buying muted greys or neutral shades, great. Mix and match your greys or neutral shades with checks and you are good to go.

Wide Leg Trousers

For the past few seasons, looser cuts and shapes, whether that’s on coats, hoodies or trousers have been in trend. This more relaxed dressing is set to reach a peak this season according to style experts. Although the look had been a slow burner and if you bought a more relaxed fit last season, keep hold of it, the shape has serious staying power. The easiest entry into the world of wider fits is with mens fashion jeans or denim. Try a rugged dark or black jean with a chunky turn-up and boots. For a smarter look, it’s wise to wear a wool mix trouser, this will gather nicely on your shoes rather than just looking like you’ve got your dad’s trousers on.

Vertical Stripes

Much like checks, stripes have always been menswear staple. Offering an alternative to the classic Breton stripe (horizontal stripe), this season vertical stripes are much in trend from T-shirts to tailoring. The popularity stems from their versatility, they can work for any style, bold or subtle. A classic crew neck T-shirt works best under a casual blazer or for a bolder look try a multi coloured stripe.

Printed T-shirts

It’s not just with sportswear pieces that we are heading back in time. Last season was overloaded with 1990s nostalgia which meant we all bought printed T-shirts. If your wardrobe now has plenty of them, don’t panic. Tees with slogans can stay, keep the look fresh by combining with fitted chinos rather than layering underneath shirts and distressed denim jackets.

These are some of the men’s latest fashion trends.