The Growing Trend of Laser Hair Removal

A hair- free body is much desired but consider the ways that it can be achieved. Shaving is painless apart from the nicks but within a day or two the familiar stubble will be back in place. Waxing is painful and expensive and has to be repeated periodically. Likewise for threading too! But laser IPL hair removal machine, gives the best of all worlds. This is why, it is the growing trend today.

Laser hair removal is not a one sitting process, to be truly effective a number of sessions are required spread out over weeks. This is because growth of hair is in phases – Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. It is a cyclic process, hairs grow actively, others fall out and still other grown hairs sit on the follicle. Since this is a continuous process, it requires more than one session for permanent hair removal.

Here are some of the reasons why laser hair removal is such a sought after treatment.

Pain levels – Laser hair removal has never been a painless procedure till now. Patients used to feel a stinging sensation on the skin, something similar to that of a rubber band being dragged over the surface. The degree of sensation varied between patients. The way out was to fan cool air over the affectted parts or apply cold compress. That is now a thing of the past. Modern state of the art equipment has made laser hair removal a completely painless process and this has largely contributed to its popularity today. Advanced diode lasers allow optimum heat on the area under treatment that does not cross comfort zones of patients.

Accuracy – Laser hair removal is very precise and accurate. It targets the exact area under treatment without affecting or damaging the surrounding skin. However, a treatment is only as good as the person handling the equipment. Hence, it is always recommended that patients opt for well known certified and authorised beauty clinics and salons to undergo treatments since well trained and experienced professionals are available here. This is not only true for laser hair removal. These establishments also have top of the line microdermabrasion machine by Universal IPL for skin rejuvenation processes.

Speed of treatment – Laser hair removal is extremely fast. Each pulse of laser is emitted in a fraction of a second and can cover a 1/2in by ½ in area of hair. Hence each session to clean hair on the upper lip takes about a minute and that on the legs or back about an hour. Apart from this, there is the added benefit of zero downtime. Patients can book an appointment, have the treatment done during lunch break in office and be back in time. This aspect has definitely been a boon to those undergoing laser hair removal treatments.

Permanent results – Results of laser hair removal depend a great deal on the texture and coarseness of hair. However, on an average, most patients get long lasting permanent to near-permanent hair loss after approximately six to eight sessions. In any case, it is definitely an improvement over waxing, threading and shaving.

To get optimised results, there are certain safeguards that patients need to take.

It is preferable that hair removal is done during the cooler seasons as tanning before and after the procedure is not advisable. It can lead to burns and scars. Further, if pain tolerance of a patient is low, the centre should be asked if taking a pain reliever is permissible. Finally, the facility should be asked about guarantee of results. Some will offer additional sessions, some will not. Clarify these points before starting the treatment.

There are a lot of positives of laser hair removal and this is what has led to its mass popularity today.

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